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10 Best Bluetooth Earphones in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you love listening to music on the move? If yes, there is some good news for you.

Do you love listening to music on the move? If yes, then yo are definitely in search of the best bluetooth earphones as well. Aren’t you.

What if I told you that you can listen to your favorite music while on the move without using those annoying earphones with entangled cables? Well, you have to be thankful to Bluetooth earphones to make this possible.

Bluetooth devices have garnered immense popularity in recent years. An increasing number of people are using such devices and the Bluetooth earphone or earbuds are no exception. People definitely like devices with as few cables as possible. And you may already know, bluetooth devices come without any cables at all.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy wireless bluetooth earphones. Our experts have compiled a list of top 10 best Bluetooth earphones after rigorous testing and inspection. We have tried to cater to the needs of all and sundry that is people with a limited budget to the people with an unlimited budget. As such, this list features some really expensive to very affordable yet the best wireless bluetooth earphones. All of these earphones offer quality, extended battery life, noise cancellation, and connection stability. Some of them are perfect for running and other types of workouts and others are good for different types of outdoor activities.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

You need to consider a few things when you decided to buy a wireless bluetooth earphone. Battery life is perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind. Bluetooth earphones are very convenient to use, but you have to charge them regularly. The fact is that you will have to survive without music for a while or resort to your wired earphones if you ever run out of batteries. Always purchase a Bluetooth device with extended battery life.

Secondly, how much noise the bluetooth earphone can cancel or block out? Earphones with active noise cancellation technology were very expensive in the near past. In fact, some of the best bluetooth earphones did not have this technology either. But, things have changed. Therefore, you should not content on anything less than an earbud with the level of noise cancellation you require.

The Best Bluetooth Earphones in 2020

It is never easy to find a good electronic product when you have to choose from an ocean of similar products easily available at your doorstep. However, we have tried our level best to make things a little easier for you by compiling this list. We have considered different factors, such as sound quality, form, comfort, size, and the earphone’s battery life. Based on our tests and findings, we present to you the ultimate list of the best Bluetooth earphones in 2020.

ImageProduct DetailsCheck Price
Senso ActivBuds Wireless Headphones
Senso ActivBuds
Wireless Headphones

Tilting Touchscreen
Effective Stabilization
Enhanced processing power
4K and 6K video

Check Price
jabra elite 65t
Jabra Elite Active 65t

Balanced sound quality
Excellent battery life
Reliable wireless

Check Price
mpow flame
Mpow Flame
Bluetooth Headphones

Well designed and
Multiple eartips
IPX7 Waterproof certified
Solid bluetooth connection

Check Price
otium wireless headphones
Otium Wireless Headphones

Good music and
call quality
Extremely cheap headphones
IPX7 waterproof rating

Check Price
letsfit wireless headphones
Letsfit Wireless Headphones

Inexpensive headphones
Stable Bluetooth
Good call quality

Check Price
letscom bluetooth headphones
LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

Inexpensive headphones
Stable Bluetooth connection
Good call quality

Check Price
pasonomi bluetooth earbuds
PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds
Wireless Headphones

Extra power bank
Strong, reliable connection
Good audio quality

Check Price
GoNovate airo true wrieless headphones
GoNovate Airo True
Wireless Headphones

Portable charging case
Innovative design
Excellent noise cancellation
Long battery life

Check Price
tozo t10 bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds
TOZO T10 Bluetooth
5.0 Wireless Earbuds

IPX8 Waterproof certification
Good sound and bass quality
Comfortable to wear

Check Price
Boss Quiet Control 30
Bose Quiet Control 30

Comfortable to wear
Works well as a headset
Ability to adjust NFC

Check Price

  • Senso ActivBuds Wireless Headphones: Best Bluetooth earphones under 50
  • Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds
  • Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones: Built for athletes
  • Otium Wireless Headphones for Running: Best Bluetooth earphones for running
  • Letsfit Wireless Headphones: Best earphones for active use
  • LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphone IPX7: best Bluetooth earphones for exercise
  • PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones: A great Apple AirPods alternative
  • GoNovate Airo True Wireless Headphones: Best truly wireless headphone under $50
  • TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds: Comfortable headphones for athletes
  • Bose Quiet Control 30: Best noise cancellation earphones 

Senso ActivBuds Wireless Headphones: Best Bluetooth earphones under 50

Senso ActiveBuds Wireless Headphones

You have to pick the Senso ActivBuds Wireless Headphones if you are looking for the cheapest yet high quality and the best bluetooth sports headphones. These headphones tick all the right boxes as they are lightweight and last long. They are available at just around $30 and therefore, there is no danger of busting your budget as well. Even at this price, you get features like the adjustable fit and IPX7 water resistance.

Design and Comfort

The Senso ActivBuds have a derivative but versatile design. It has bendable over-ear wings with a flat and substantial-feeling cable connecting both the right and left earbuds. You can also shorten the two feet long cable if necessary. The cable does not easily get tangled because of its flat, tacky nature.

The over-the-ear wings are pretty comfortable. They reduce some of the weight on eartips by affixing the earbuds to your ears. The wings can cover from the smallest to the largest ears as they are four inches long when pulled straight. You can easily tighten them to your ears with the help of an inner bendable wire as well. The package also contains three interchangeable eartips with the smallest about 1/3 inches long and the biggest about a ½ inch long. The third one is somewhere in between.  In case you don’t like feeling silicon on your ears, you can also cover the eartips with a denser, a set of foam eartips.

Senso ActivBuds has an IPX7 rating, which is quite impressive for the price. It means the earbuds can easily handle rain and sweat as well as rinsing under the skin, also making them the best Bluetooth earphones for running.


Connecting Senso ActivBuds is pretty easy. Just hold the logo button on the right earbud and it will start pairing with any nearby bluetooth enabled device. However, you can only use them with one device at a time. Another minor disadvantage of having Senso earbuds is that they don’t have remotes. But, it has compensated for the lack of remotes by installing a built-in microphone. They are also the only bluetooth earphones with mic available at this price.

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The ActivBuds take less than two hours to charge, but the battery lasts for more than 8 hours with up to 240 hours of standby time that is very impressive, to say the least.

When it comes to voice quality, the ActivBuds have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 22 kHz. They have small drivers but offer a lot of bass response, which is another great feature to have, especially if you using earphones in crowded places. The sound is also very clear, somewhat close to what higher-dollar earbuds offer. These earphones lack the active noise cancellation technology which is understandable considering their price. However, they feature Qualcomm’s CVC 6.0 for passive noise reduction.

All in All, Senso ActivBuds are the best bluetooth earphones under 50. They offer extended battery life, superior voice quality, and reasonable comfort which you do not expect from cheap earbuds. Therefore, they are hard to beat if you are on a tight budget.

  • Extremely cheap earphones
  • Movable wings with a customized fit
  • Almost 10 hours of usable battery life
  • Pretty good substantial base response
  • No active voice cancellation
  • Slightly heavy on ears.
  • Little to set apart from rivals.

Jabra Elite Active 65t: True Wireless Sports Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t is a perfect option for you if you are looking for truly high-quality wireless earphones. These earbuds are a complete package and one of the best by Jabra by far. The earphones have a very mature yet delicate look. More importantly, they have an extremely reliable connection, which sets them apart from other truly wireless earbuds. In addition, the sound quality is terrific. In fact, they are one of the best sounding Bluetooth earphones right now.

Design and Comfortability

Jabra Elite 65t doesn’t have the best design in the world, but you will definitely like the mature and understated look. Available at just $170, they look like a premium product. You will feel comfortable despite extended use because the earbuds come with a very soft touch plastic as well.

Another great feature of Jabra Elite 65t is that earbuds have perforations which serve a couple of purposes. Firstly, they enable the earbuds to mix outside sound with the music. Secondly, the perforations allow different microphones to enhance your voice for calls, also putting 65t among the best Bluetooth earphones with mic. Similarly, Jabra’s app, available on iOS and Android, gives you the option to only let in the voice you need.

There are different sets of controls on each earbud. There is a single button on the right earbud which answers and hangs call, plays/pauses music and activates your voice assistant. You can adjust volume through a rocker housed on the left earbud. You will also long-press the rocker to skip a track or go to the previous one.

The Jabra 65t also features a compact charging case which is quite similar in size and looks to that of Apple AirPods. However, you have to charge through a micro USB port rather than USB-C port which is very annoying for most people. The charging case is also very, very fast.


Jabra Elite 65t is among the best Bluetooth earphones for a reason. They offer exceptional wireless performance. They rarely stutter and connect immediately to any wireless device. You can also use only one earbud at a time, which is a very cool feature as well. The average battery life is 5 hours which you can extend to 7 hours by using the charging case.

It is also a great experience to use Jabra Elite 65t. They turn on as soon as you remove them from the case. Understandably, they turn off when you put them back in the case, which most truly wireless earbuds don’t. It is a great feature for people who normally forget to turn off their devices after use.


Jabra Elite 65t has excellent sound quality. The bass has good extension and impact. The music is never harsh on ears because they have rolled off the highs. However, the earbuds lack the class, resolution, and oomph of earphones like RHA T20i despite the fact that the highs still have a good amount of details.

They are also the earphones for commuters as they block plenty of external noise. However, the external mics can attract some external noise, if you need it, with the help of the app and mix it with your music.

Summing up, you ought to go for Jabra Elite 65t if you want a perfect combination of sound quality, features, and usability. It is a pleasure using these earphones which also offer extremely reliable wireless connection. The extra-long battery life means you don’t have to look for the charging case again and again. While the design and fit have some flaws, the 65t’s benefits easily outnumber its drawbacks.

  • Balanced sound quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Limited water resistance
  • Limited ear tip selection

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones: Built for athletes

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

You must consider Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones if you are looking for the best bluetooth earphones for running or sports. These headphones are versatile and competitively priced and that’s why they are extremely popular among both the athletes and the general public. Should Mpow Flame be your next headphone? Let’s find out.

Design and Comfortability

Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones are really small and lightweight. So, they are very comfortable to wear, also making them the best bluetooth earphones for working out. The earphones will always remain in place regardless of the level of your physical activity thanks to the soft rubber hooks which cover the actual earbuds. Similarly, the cables linking the two earbuds always remain out of the way as it is very short, making Mpow Flame a perfect choice for exercising, working out, and even traveling. The cable is also tangle resistant which means you can put the earphones in the provided case or your backpack without worrying about untangling the cable for use.

The Mpow Flame also has an IPX7 waterproof rating. Therefore, sweat and any other kind of moisture cannot damage the earbuds. As a matter of fact, earbuds will sustain no damage even if you put them in one meter of depth for half an hour.

Mpow Flames come with two types of ear tips, a pair of memory foam eartips (one size fits all) and generic silicone earbuds in three different sizes (small, medium, and large). The memory foam tips offer excellent noise cancellation while the generic tips are great for the workout as they are water-resistant.

The Mpow Flame has a battery life of 7 hours of continuous use. The completely empty battery fully recharges in 1.5 hours. Overall, it has adequate battery life for most applications.


Mpow Flame is the best value bluetooth earphones for a reason. They are totally wireless and therefore, you are not tied to your device. It features Bluetooth version 4.1 and offers standard 33 feet wireless range. However, the bluetooth connection is powerful and you won’t miss a beat within the 33 feet circle.

The earbuds connect quickly to your device as well. Similarly, they will pair automatically to the compatible devices within the range when booted after the first pairing.


The performance is somewhat excellent despite the $20 price tag. Mpow has done an incredible job to make Mpow Flame as bass-heavy as possible. The sound has plenty of punch and weight even if it doesn’t have very deep bass. The listening experience is great despite the fact that the midrange is a little muddy. The highs are crisp and clear which is great for listening to speeches and music. The audio quality is excellent if you are purchasing the earbuds for workouts as well.

Mpow Flame earbuds should be your choice if you want to have earbuds for listening to the music, workouts and taking calls on the go. They are available for just $19.99. They are, in fact, one of the best bluetooth earphones under 50 dollars.

  • Well designed and comfortable.
  • Multiple eartips
  • IPX7 Waterproof certified
  • Solid bluetooth connection
  • Slow to charge
  • Earloops not adjustable

Otium Wireless Headphones: Best Bluetooth earphones for running

Otium Flame Wireless Headphones

It is a cumbersome task to find affordable earphones for a high-intensity workout or running. You will reduce your options to a select few models if you also want excellent sound quality as well. Otium is one of the very few brands which can meet all these requirements. They manage to keep costs low through their online-only distribution model. All of their models perform exceptionally well in tough conditions and their latest model is no exception. It is an ergonomic device which you can comfortably use both in the gym and while running on the mud track.

Design and Comfortability

Otium Wireless headphones are modern and sleek to look at. They also don’t feel all that heavy when worn. The enclosures have a pretty sporty feel and look similar to a hands-free set. Your ears actually hide the ear hooks where the flat cable rests against your neck. Overall, the earbuds have a competitive design with smaller options also available.

Otium wireless headphones have clip-on earbuds which means they are very ergonomic. The box also contains three sets of earpieces and three sets of earclips, allowing everyone to obtain a comfortable fit. However, these are not the best headphones for children. They will also cause problems if you have large ears.

The Otium headphones also have an IPX7 waterproof rating. It will definitely protect them against sweat and rain. However, you would want to limit their exposure in the rain or submerging them in water for a prolonged time period.

Another advantage of Otium Wireless headphones is the cable. They feature a flat wire instead of a common round wire. The wire will not break if you snag it as it has much higher tensile strength. Otium earbuds have a battery life of 8 hours of continuous use which is more than enough for most uses.


Otium headphones are wireless headphones but you can also connect them through a USB port. Overall, the connection is solid and the earphone performs exceptionally well within the standard distance of 33 feet.


Otium headphones are designed for an energetic playlist, making them the best Bluetooth earphones for running. The bass is simply explosive, providing you with a lot of energy to keep running. These earbuds are an ideal choice for any bass-driven music. The midrange and treble are above average which is alright, considering the price tag.

Otium earbuds also feature CVC 6.0 active noise cancellation feature. It is a popular standard also found in many expensive, high-end earphones. As a result, they will provide you with a silent backdrop even if you are walking in the busiest of places.

When it comes to hands-free calls, you will get all the necessary hardware with Otium headphones. The headphone performs brilliantly and people on both ends of the call can hear each other loud and clear which means they are also the best bluetooth earphones with mic. The headphones also give you a notification tone in the case of an incoming call.

Otium Bluetooth earphones can be a lifesaver if you want an affordable headphone for gym and running. The ear clips make them sit securely on your ears. They also feature IPX7 waterproof certification and the sound and call quality is terrific which enable them to outclass all other headphones in this price range.

  • Good music and call quality
  • Extremely cheap headphones
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Larger and heavier than some portable models.

Letsfit Wireless Headphones: Best earphones for active use

Letsfit Wireless Headphones

Letsfit is renowned around the world for producing some really great headphones for active use such as for sports and running. Their latest wireless bluetooth headphones successfully carry the tradition forward. With superior sound quality and IPX7 waterproof rating, it is hard to find similarly matched headphones in this price range.

Design and Comfortability

The Letsfit Bluetooth headphones have a very simple design. The best thing about the headphones is the one-button control. You can manage incoming calls, and play and pause your music with the single button present on the right earbud. Similarly, you would use the same button to pair the headphones with compatible internet devices.

The Letsfit Bluetooth headphones offer a comfortable and secure fit as well. They have an ergonomic design which means they won’t feel heavy and uncomfortable to your ears. To ensure comfortable wear for a long time, Letsfit has generously provided three different eartips sizes as well. There will be no tangling at all because these earbuds have no wires of any kind.

The headphones also have an IPX7 waterproof rating. The interior of earbuds has Nano-coating which protects the headphones against water and sweat for prolonged use. As a result, they are the best bluetooth earphones for running, biking, hiking, and jogging, etc. 

The headphones also offer 8 hours of battery life. The totally drained battery will take 2 hours to fully recharge.


The Letsfit wireless headphones offer a stable bluetooth connection as they work on the latest bluetooth 4.1 standard. As a result, you get an impressive performance both in terms of music and call quality.


The headphones deliver superb bass sound and HD stereo as they are equipped with a Tuned driver and a CSR chip. The CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology blocks all the external sound and makes listening to music a sheer delight. On the other hand, built-in-mic ensures stable and clear phone calls. Therefore, it can be rightly said that Letsfit wireless headphones are one of the best noise-canceling bluetooth earphones currently available in the market. You can talk to your loved ones for an indefinite period without missing or skipping a word.

Letsfit Bluetooth earphones should be your choice if you are looking for the best value Bluetooth earphones which also offer stable Bluetooth connection, IPX7 waterproof rating, high fidelity stereo sound, and crisp and clear calls.

  • Inexpensive headphones
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Good call quality
  • Pretty basic design

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphone IPX7: best Bluetooth earphones for exercise

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphone IPX7

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones are very stylish headphones which you can proudly wear in the gym or anywhere else you go. The bright colored headphones look fantastic while slotted in your ear. They also give a feeling of passion and energy.

Design and Comfortability

LETSCOM wireless headphones have a pretty advanced design which you normally don’t expect from affordable earphones. The two earbuds are connected through a flat, not tangle wire.  There is a multi-function button on the left earbud which allows you to play and pause music, skip tracks, and answer and hang calls. The right earbud houses a microphone, an LED indicator and two buttons for next/previous tracks as well as for volume up and volume down. There is also a Micro USB charging port on the right earbud.

LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones are also very comfortable to wear. You can choose from a pair of small, medium or large eartips according to the size of your ears. Similarly, the earphones remain securely in position when you run or exercise because of ergonomic ear hooks.

The headphones allow you to play your music or talk on the call for a long time. In fact, two hours of charging gives you 8 hours of battery time, which is quite impressive considering the price of the earphones.

LETSCOM Bluetooth earphone also has IPX7 water-resistant certification. The internal Nano-coating protects the earbuds from sweat and rain throughout your workout.


Like the most modern wireless headphones, LETSCOM Bluetooth earphones have a Bluetooth 4.1 connection which is pretty fast and reliable. Similarly, the headphones deliver seamless performance within the maximum range of 30 feet. Therefore, there is no need to carry your smartphone or music player in your pocket all the time while you are in the gym or home.


LETSCOM wireless earphones are one of the best bluetooth earphones for calls without any doubt. The CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology ensures you don’t skip a word while talking to someone on your earphone. This is quite rare for sports or running headphones. It enables people to take a business call or talk to their friends or relatives while running or exercising. They even announce the number of the incoming call, making it easier for you to accept or reject a call.

LETSCOM headphones are not only good for calls but they are also the best bluetooth earphones for music as well. These headphones are a perfect choice if you particularly like heavy or loud bass. However, they don’t drown the rest of the music while amplifying the bass. The built-in mic, CSR chip, 11 mm vibrating diaphragm, and noise cancellation technology work in tandem to deliver superb stereo and bass sound.

  • Inexpensive headphones
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Good call quality
  • No special recharging features

PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones: A great Apple Airpods alternative

PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones

Available at just $43.99, PASONOMI Bluetooth earbuds are a great alternative to the more expensive Apple Airpods. The PASONOMI earbuds offer almost all the functionalities which you expect from Apple’s Airpods without busting your budget. They let you ditch the headphones altogether, but have the similar and in some cases, better music and call experience.

Design and Comfortability

PASONOMI Bluetooth earbuds are truly wireless earbuds which means you can only connect them through bluetooth. They come in a black case which also serves as an additional charging case. The charging case is actually a 2200 mAH power bank. You can use the charging case to either charge your smartphone or recharge the earbuds up to 18 times. You will get a maximum of 4 hours of continuous calls and music playtime after a single charge, which is on the lower side in my opinion.

IPX7 waterproof Nano-coating on the interior or earbuds provides extra protection against sweat and water and prevents them from damaging the earphones. However, it does not provide protection against shampoo and hot water. So, you should not take them to shower.

As far as comfortability is concerned, the PALOMINO Bluetooth earbuds boost a new in-ear design which ensures matchless comfort. The earbuds fit securely to your ear and there is no chance of them falling down or even moving from their place. You can also choose from 5 different sizes of ear caps according to the size of your ears.


The PASONOMI Bluetooth earphones have adopted Bluetooth 5.0. The one-step pairing technology connects both the earbuds instantly with each other and then with your smartphone or any other device as soon as you take them out of the charging case. The connection, in general, is strong and reliable.


PASONOMI Bluetooth headphones offer extremely crisp treble and brilliant sound quality thanks to lossless HD rendering technology as well as Bluetooth 5.0. You will get immersive sound because of the delicately tuned sound signature and deep and clear but resonant bass. The Bluetooth 5.0 also ensures superior sound quality regardless of the frequency you are using.

PASONOMI wireless earbuds truly are an excellent choice for people who love music. The extra charging case, good audio quality, and reliable Bluetooth are some of the main features of these earphones, more, importantly, they are relatively cheaper than most other earphones with similar features.

  • Extra power bank
  • Strong, reliable connection
  • Good audio quality
  • Relatively short battery life

GoNovate Airo True Wireless Headphones: Best truly wireless headphone under $50

GoNovate Airo True Wireless Headphones

Truly wireless headphones are still a work in development as companies are still sorting different quirks. One company which seems to have worked everything out regarding truly wireless headphones is GoNovate. The GoNovate Airo True Wireless G1816 are exceptionally good headphones. Don’t be fooled by their price as they can easily compete with more expensive high-end headphones both in terms of sound and call quality.

Design and Comfortability

The G1816 headphones are among the smallest and smoothest truly wireless headphones in the world. They fit comfortably and firmly in your ear with no chances of them falling in the drain while you exercise. They feature an innovative, first of its kind shark fin design, specially optimized for daily exercise and sports. “Shark fins” offer stable support by molding perfectly to your ear canal. The overall design is modern and sleek. They are a beautiful pair of headsets also having a microphone dust screen and a whole line of colorful LED’s.

There is only one multi-function button on the right earbud which you can use to perform most of the functions such as forwarding/skipping tracks, controlling music volume, and accepting and rejecting calls.

The GoNovate truly wireless headphones offer 6 hours of non-stop playtime after a single charge. Then, the headphones also come with an extra portable charging box which can give you a maximum of 30 extra hours.

You also don’t have to worry about the sweat and water damage thanks to G1816’s advanced anti-sweat functionality. You just have to place them in your ear and forget about them.


The GoNovate Airo Wireless Earbuds employ Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The one-step pairing technology pairs the headphones instantly with your bluetooth device as soon as you remove them from the charging box. The connection is strong and reliable which gives reasonably fast transmission speeds with a good range.


The headphones feature a custom speaker with a diaphragm made of a composite material. GoNovate claims that the earbuds provide you with true stereo HiFi sound which is true to some extent. However, it is nowhere near the quality of headphones like the SoundPeats Q29, which are also the best Bluetooth earphones under 100 dollars.

The Airo G1816 headphones also employ the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology. They allow you to use both earbuds to binaurally communicate through calls which is a really nice feature. You can also use the left earbuds individually.

Although the GoNovate wireless headphones offer the superb sound quality yet you will have a problem adjusting the volume because of a single button to perform all the functions. Similarly, the bass is good but not that excellent.

GoNovate Airo Wireless headphones are pretty comfortable and feature an innovative design. They offer excellent noise reduction and true stereo sound. The voice transmission is crystal clear and they have pretty good battery life as well, making them a good option for people with a limited budget.

  • Portable charging case
  • Innovative design
  • Excellent noise cancellation functionality
  • Long battery life
  • Problems adjusting the volume may occur
  • Headphones sometimes have problems with the phone calls

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds: Comfortable headphones for athletes

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T10 Bluetooth headphones have a very strange design. They look like a mix of athletic and common use earbuds. Their physical appearance as well sound quality clearly suggests a slant towards athleticism. However, they lack ear hooks which somewhat makes it difficult for them to remain in place when you exercise. People who don’t like ear-fins or ear hooks would definitely like these headphones. But, there is no extra apparatus to fit them securely in your ears.

Design and Comfortability

With dimensions of 0.7” wide and 0.9” inch tall, the headphones are smaller than most of the modern, bulkier headphones. The charging case also measures only 3.6” long and 1.3” tall. You can easily shove it in your pocket as it only weighs a couple of ounces with the earbuds inside. Each earbud attaches to a pair of small electric pins for charging and recharging.

The TOZO T10 earphones can last about 3.5 hours which you can extend to 9 hours with the help of the charging case. The standby time for each earbud is 48 hours or a couple of days which is terribly unimpressive. However, the earbuds are housed inside a charging case which has a standby time of 14 days. Therefore, the standby time should not be a problem for you.

It is also important to find the right fit for the silicon eartips because the headphones do not have ear hooks or wing-tips for you to secure them in your ears. If you don’t, you will never feel comfortable wearing them. In this regard, the headphones come with two pairs of eartips in three sizes that are small, medium and large. TOZO also provides you with another wider and thicker ear tip, especially for noise cancellation. The standard eartips also provide a reasonable level of noise cancellation but there is nothing extraordinary about them.

The earphones have an IPX8 certification which is the latest and the best waterproofing certification any headphone can have. You can fully submerge the headphones in a meter of water for half an hour. Similarly, you will not face any issues in the cases of sweat or rain. The certification also protects your headphones against debris, sand and other forces.


TOZO T10 pairs with other devices by employing Bluetooth 5.0 technology. As a result, they can also support HDP, A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP. The pairing is a one-step process and you can also get stereo sound in your calls.


Normally, earbuds of this type contain 6mm audio drivers but the TOZO T10 feature an 8mm audio driver. Therefore, it is one of the best bluetooth earphones for music in this price range. The difference between the two audio drivers is tiny but it significantly improves the sound quality.

The headphones also offer boosted bass quality but it sounds a bit more natural. The major drawback of the T10 is a little stunted treble range. However, all most all of the headphones constructed for athletic performance have this fault.

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TOZO has designed the T10 while keeping the requirements of workouts and exercise in mind. The main purpose of these headphones is to play uplifting, high-energy music for the athletes. However, there is a minor disadvantage of T10 that they don’t have an equalizer software of their own. You have to visit a nearby digital equalizer to fully enjoy different types of music genres.

  • IPX8 Waterproof certification
  • Good sound and bass quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Limited earbud standby time
  • Stunted treble performance

Bose Quiet Control 30: Best noise cancellation earphones

Bose Quiet Control 30

Bose is the table topper when it comes to active noise cancellation. Companies like Sony are trying to compete by bringing out some good models in the likes of Sony MDR-1000X, but the Bose still reigns supreme. Bose’s hugely successful model, the Quite Control 20 is the epitome of active noise cancellation and the Quite Control 30 is its worthy wireless version. Both of these models enable you to cancel as much noise as you want. And, they also feature a very comfortable neckband as well.

Design and Comfortability

The QC30’s collar or neckband houses all the bluetooth computer components. There is a single raised button on the inside of the neckband which also features two LED indicators, one each for bluetooth pairing and battery. There is also a USB port for charging hidden under a flap. The overall design is quite minimal, which makes the QC30 quite an elegant earphones.

There is no chance of earbuds accidentally being pulled out as they are attached to the neckband by two wires. However, the neckpiece struggles to stay in place and it does occasionally jumble up around the neck.

There is a smart control module on the wire connecting the right earbud. The control module has a surprising amount of functionalities including a mic for phone calls and playback control. The extra buttons on the side of the modules allow you to control the amount of noise canceling. It is really great to cancel all the external noise in the coffee shop or lower the ANC strength in the train without reaching for the source device.

The battery also lasts for 10 hours even with ANC turned on and constant playback. It is really impressive when you also consider the fact that it also includes noise cancellation.


You can only connect Boss QC30 via Bluetooth only because it is completely wireless. The connection is pretty reliable but music will skip slightly when you go more than 20 feet away from the modem, especially if the earbuds are covered, such as they are in your pocket. Pairing is very easy because earbuds luckily have NFC.


The QuiteControl 30 earbuds are equipped with ANC just like the QuiteControl 20. You can also manually adjust the amount of ANC which is an incredible feature in my opinion. After all, it helps you block something as noisy as an airplane engine.

The headphones put heavy emphasis on low ends just like all other Bose’s products. Lows are quite noticeable on the first listen. However, it is not overwhelming and therefore, they will also do justice if you like to add some bump to your music.

When it comes to mids, QC30’s performance drops a little. They are still good but the emphasis is too much on the lows, the highs don’t sound great.

There is no harshness to sound because highs are also rolled out a good amount. The earbuds do lack some details but it is still a heavy and full sound, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for in an earbud.

Boss Quite Control 30 is an excellent headphone as it offers features like active noise cancellation and Stays Hear+ eartips. Similarly, it is always helpful to be able to adjust the strength of your ANC. It has some problems such as skipping music but overall, they are the best active noise cancellation headphones you can think of.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Works well as a headset
  • Ability to adjust NFC
  • Slightly overpriced
  • No wired option

What to Look for in the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones?

All wireless Bluetooth earphones are not made equal. Some differ in usability while others are unequal in terms of features and price (ranging from $10 to nearly $200). The following lines explain 6 features which every wireless Bluetooth headphone should have.

1.    Securable Earloop Option

Most people like to have earphones with over-the-ear hooks or tips to ensure they securely fit in their ears. While there are some really great wireless earphones which don’t feature ear hooks, it is always nice to have extra protection if you don’t want to lose your earphones, especially if your head moves a lot while using the headphones.

2.    A USB Charging Port

All the best bluetooth earphones have a standard USB charging port (micro or mini). It will allow you to charge your earphones from your notebook computer, desktop, or a USB charger. More importantly, you don’t have to put additional adapters and cables on your desk or carry them in your travel kit.

3.    Good Call Quality

You need to keep looking if your earphones do not filter out extraneous noises and your voice does not come through clearly. The best way to ensure this is to have a “test buddy” you can talk to on your earphones. Similarly, you shouldn’t need to shout but speak in a normal voice and your buddy should be able to hear you clearly. Secondly, he should not miss or skip a word even if you are walking down a busy street, railway station, and market, etc.

4.    Minimum Accessories and Parts

The best wireless bluetooth earphones have minimum parts and accessories. For instance, the charging cable should plug directly into the earphone instead of an intermediary charging pod. Similarly, you don’t have to carry or lose much if the earphones have as few components as possible.

5.    Well Placed, Usable Controls

You normally use only your finger to control the headset and perform different functions such as changing the volume, accepting/hanging up calls, and skipping and reversing tracks. You must also not look at your headphones during all this time. Therefore, you need an earphone with well placed, usable controls which make it easier for you to control the headphone.

6.    Comfort

You may have to wear your earphones all day long and therefore, comfort is of the utmost importance.So, this sums up our review of the best bluetooth earphones in 2020. We will be waiting for your comments and suggestions regarding what are the best bluetooth earphones in the market right now.


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