Will PS4 Controllers Work on PS5: Let Us Find Out

Will PS4 controllers work on PS5? The tentative answer is.

Will PS4 controllers work on PS5? This is the question every PlayStation enthusiast is asking at the moment. Although Sony has released the latest DualSense controllers for PS5 yet many people would like to use their old controllers for a variety of reasons. So, let us find out are PS4 DualShock controllers compatible with PS5 or not.

DualSense is a Bit Different than DualShock

Most of us were Expecting Sony to release similar controllers for PS5 and name them DualShock 5. However, the change in name scheme also indicates DualSense controllers will be slightly different than the traditional DualShock 4 controllers. It also means people who are used to DualShock controllers will have to adapt to new controllers as well. This is the reason why many people would like to connect used PS4 controllers they are accustomed to on PS5 rather than using the new ones.

How DualSense Differs from DualShock 4?

The main difference between DualShock 4 and DualSense is that the later comes with updated haptic feedback. DualSense also increases the tension of L1 and L2 buttons as it features “adaptive triggers” as well. As a result, vibrations and tension are more realistic and believable. The outcome is a more immersive and deeper controller, and thus gaming experience.

Sony has also improved on the grip with the DualSense controller. Besides, the angle of hand triggers is also slightly different than that of DualShock 4. DualSense can also act as a mic as it comes with a built-in microphone besides existing speakers. Similarly, it also has a USB-C port which is absent in DualShock 4. Point to note here is that Sony recommends using a proper headset if you want to chat with your friends for a long time.

You may be reluctant to use DualSense, especially at the beginning, because of these new features and differences. Most importantly, you would not have the same feel as DualShock 4 that you are so used to. Similarly, PlayStation 5 will include only one DualSense controller. You will have to buy a second one separately if you play multiplayer games. Therefore, you may think of using the DualShock 4 controller you already have instead of spending money on a new DualSense controller.

Can You Use PS4 Controller on PS5?

The simple answer is yes. If reports and rumors are to be believed, PS5 will have backward compatibility. Therefore, all the PS4 games as well as DualShock 4 controllers will work on PS5. However, you just may be missing some of the new features offered by DualSense controllers.

Will PS4 Games Work on PS5?

When talking about backward compatibility, it is appropriate to mention that PS5 will be compatible with more than 4000 PS4 games existing at the moment. Similarly, all the games received by Sony for testing and certification after 13 July 2020 must be compatible with PS5 as well.

Final Thoughts

PS4 compatible controller including DualShock 4 should work fine on PS5. But, you must consider using only DualSense controllers with PS5 if you want to avail of all the latest features and functions in addition to enjoying enhanced experience offered by PS5.

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