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The Best Above Ground Pool Pad In 2020: Buyers’ Guide

Need a floor pad for an above ground pool? Then this comprehensive article will give you complete information and help find the best above ground pool pad. The article also contains a buyer’s guide and top 10 picks.

Need a floor pad for an above ground pool? Then this comprehensive article will give you complete information and help find the best above ground pool pad. The article also contains a buyer’s guide and top 10 picks.

We will also divide our guide into the following sections

It is not debatable that the proper foundation is required for a home to be safe. Inspired by this notion, it is true that a sturdy and strong pad is necessary for a clean, comfortable, and stable above the ground pool.

Your efforts will go to trash if you don’t find the right pool pad. A pool pad performs two fundamental tasks that you cannot skip. The first task is that it protects your feet from injuries. Secondly, it also prevents the pool from puncturing by stones through the liner.

Because replacing a liner is too much expensive, first of all, we do this article to inform you what you have to know about the above ground pool mat. Secondly, we are presenting to you our top 10 best above ground pool pads.

Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads

If you’ve researched widely about the above ground pool, you might have read about a “pool pad” or “padding.” As your study must have shown you, it’s a really essential part of your swimming pool.

The above floor pool pads are a kind of extremely thick padding that you placed before below the pool before installation. It cushions and protects the lower part of your swimming pool from anything that can be dangerous and sharp.

The pool pads are also a simple but absolutely essential part of your above ground pool. You need to understand all of the main features before you buy it.

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best above ground pool pads currently available on the market. You will get all the details you need to select the right option for you.

Please stay with us till the end so you can be sure that you find more than enough valuable information regarding above ground pool pads. Let’s move on.

ImageProduct NameDetailsCheck Price
Oval Armor Shield Floor Pad
Oval Armor Shield

Reduces convective heat loss

Check Price
24 ft. Round Pool Liner Pad
24 ft. Round Liner Pad

Pre-cut to fit swimming pool size

Check Price
Rhino Pad
Rhino Pad

Made of thick and durable Fiber

Check Price
Liner Life GP24R
Liner Life Pad GP24R

Improves swimmer comfort

Check Price
Gorilla Floor Padding
Gorilla Floor Padding

Provides extra liner protection

Check Price
Blue Wave 12-Feet Round Liner Pad
Blue Wave 12-Feet Liner

Protects liner from sharp objects

Check Price
Horizon Ventures
Horizon Ventures

Water resistant synthetic polyester

Check Price
GLI 70 Floor Pad
GLI 70 Floor Pad

Available in round shape and 24-feet diameter

Check Price
Blue Wave 15-Feet
Blue Wave 15-Feet

Cut to size and seamed for your pool

Check Price
Liner Life GP12R
Liner Life GP12R

Material is impervious to all sharp objects

Check Price

1. Oval Armor Shield Floor Pad

Oval Armor Shield Floor Pad

This swimming pool floor pad with a 16′ round armor shield keeps your pool secure from leaks and punctures. This one comes in different sizes and shapes from 10’x 15 “to 33′. The armor shield pad’s design differs from oval to rectangle, to round. The purpose of this above ground pool pad is to provide a protective coating between the liner pool and the base of the soil or sand.

Around half of the users who tested this item said they’re happy with this pool pad’s features. They like the pad look and feel under the pool. It offers a fantastic cushion and a sort of heavy-duty protection for the swimming pool. Few of the dissatisfied customers complained about the material being too thin and having punctured by grass blades and weeds.

With some clients, this pool pad seems to work well. New users who use the liner pools should consider covering the pool with a tarp. They also recommend installing this pad in a free area or in a field that already has a sandy bed. The new smooth surface will help stop the weeds and grasses from growing. You can get your pool pad for below $100.

  • Easy to install below a vinyl liner on the ground or sand bed
  • Resistant to damage caused by acids, mildew, oils salts, and alkali
  • Durable, Works great, looks good, fits well.
  • Weeds and Grass may continue to grow
  • Thin material

2. 24 ft. Round Pool Liner Pad

24 ft. Round Pool Liner Pad

Elephant Security Armor Shield floor pads are pre-cut to meet a range of the round above ground pool designs. Its one-piece structure does not require any measurement, cutting, or tapping. You may want to check out the Elephant Guard Armor Shield if you value your time and want to have a swimming pool pad that gets installed like a dream. Working with this is straightforward, and it does what it is meant to do.

This model is for a circular shaped pool. This is a really durable, tear-guard mesh padding material that has been commonly used to protect the surface under it from being cut or damaged. 

Any significant damage will lead to water leaking from the pool. The pool pad materials are genuinely tough. The Elephant pool pad is for the safety of the undergrowth, not for the cushioning, but after entering the pool, you might not tell any difference.

This particular type of padding is exceptionally durable and is resistant to almost any sharp object. It delivers better than standard foam padding because it provides the best cushion and performance

  • Takes less time to install
  • Mildew and Mold-resistant
  • No measurement, cutting or taping required
  • Budget-friendly
  • One-piece layout
  • Not comfortable with expandable liners
  • Should have stronger seams

3. Rhino Pad Foot Oval Pool Liner Pad

Rhino Pad Foot Oval Pool Liner Pad

Another impressive pool pad for avoiding punctures and leakage is the Rhino above pool Pad. Its unique fabric fiber is sturdy, thick, and designed to handle punctures and damages from stones, glass, cutgrass, roots, and more against pool liners. In other terms, it offers the pool floor with an extra layer of protection. 

The Rhino swimming pool Pad also comes cut to suit several pool sizes, compared to other quality pool pads like the Elephant Guard. It is pre-measured and cut to the proper size of your circular above ground pool. So you do not need to measure, cut, or tap the pool pad. Unlike some other pool pads, it is simple to cut in the condition if it arrives a little wider than expected.

The Rhino Pad also assists in protecting steel-walled pools from rust and corrosion. It does this by generating a barrier to vapor and by removing condensation. Also, it cushions the feet and also offers a smooth and comfortable flooring surface. 

But apart from all the above, the Rhino Pad’s natural beauty exists in its eco-friendly design and materials. If you’re concerned about polluting the ground below your pool, don’t be. It’s created of a luxury earthy woven geotextile material that was spun in the environment in mind.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Solid and durable
  • Pre-cutting for trouble-free installation
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • Some wrinkles can need to be smoothed out
  • Could be cut better

4.  Liner Life Liner Life GP24R (best above ground pool liner pad)

Liner Life Liner Life GP24R

One of the best features of this pool pad is that it’s built to last with high-quality materials. Additionally, the premium quality pool pad provides simple protection against stones, grass, rocks, and other dangerous objects. LinerLife delivers an exceptional standard of quality with its robust revolutionary design and removes the shortcomings of conventional vinyl liners.

LinerLife’s pre-cut liner pads are specifically created to provide the best security to the bottom of over ground swimming pools. Available in a diameter of 15 ft., this LinerLife pool pad suits most above ground swimming pools. It is, in fact, a go-to option for many pool owners. LinerLife is a very well-known brand in the pool pad community and guarantees exceptional quality with its offerings. LinerLife Pad is no exception to their new range of above ground pool pads.

Although several other brands are providing top-notch above ground pool pads as well, LinerLife provides a genuinely reliable pool pad that will undoubtedly enhance the overall life of your swimming pool.

  • Substantial and durable material and design
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Avoids leakage
  • Provides cushioning
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Not suitable for wet, humid climates
  • Sizes run a little broad.

5. Gorilla Floor Padding (gorilla pad for the above ground pool)

Gorilla Floor Padding

Originally built as a means of securing trash dump liners, the Gorilla Floor Pads are constructed with a super-tough geotextile material. Although they look and feel very much like a thin wool blanket, they are pretty tight in their way to stop rocks, moles, and roots. Sticks cannot break it, and critters cannot chew through it, serving to hold safe and leak-free pools.

BlueWave Pool product of Gorilla floor pads is light-years ahead of traditional plastic floor padding. Unlike standard pool floor padding, which is hard to deal with and potentially get cut by Grass, rocks, and roots under pool liners, Gorilla Pad is resistant to all of the above mentioned and nearly every sharp item.

They do a lot more, such as adding a cushioned surface to make the base of a pool more comfortable for walking. Thinking of relaxed walking, such pool pads will also help remove footprint formation, which can be painful and straightforwardly challenging to manage. 

The pool pads are built to avoid punctures in the liner, which can lead to leaks. The gorilla pad for the above ground pool was designed very well to solve this particular issue.

  • Extremely hard to crack
  • Stitched and cut to fit
  • Lightweight and easy to build
  • 90-day warranty only
  • Strong yet quite small

6. Blue Wave 12-Feet Round Liner Pad

Blue Wave 12-Feet Round Liner Pad

This model is not created for any specially molded pool. You can cut the extra material down in order to make it suit your needs. The item is very durable and offers a cushioning layer. As with foam pads, you no more need to cut and tap. With Liner Pad, you can effectively eliminate the vinyl liner bottom leaks. 

This type of padding is highly durable and is resistant to just about any sharp object. It performs better than regular foam padding since it provides better cushion and performance that is more durable.

Few customers complained that this product was a little thinner than expected, but it works perfectly. You can see wrinkles at the bottom after you use these several times. This particular model is not getting pre-cut. As per your pool design, you will need to cut it down. By doing so, you have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, the entire padding can be wasted.

  • Provides superior leak safety
  • Breathable material
  • Can be seamed and cut to order
  • Compact design
  • Straightforward installation
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty.

7. Horizon Ventures  1 Piece Underpad

Horizon Ventures  1 Piece Underpad

This 18′ circular swimming pool pad is white and constructed of polyester felt. It doesn’t need to be cut or wrapped and performs like a carpet sheet. This is a thick synthetic composite that can last as long as the liner. 

All consumers who buy this item are extremely pleased with the results. Strong and performing well on rough surfaces. When you walk in the pool, it provides a more comfortable experience, and that’s a reasonable price. They also appreciate the ease of installation.

This pool pad has a thin appearance, but it is substantial and will defend your pool from debris and punctures. This is an excellent product and convenient to install. Clients using this item are satisfied, but you’ll need to cut it a little and get a great fit. If you really want an affordable and reliable pool pad, then buy this pool pad.

  • Keeps debris out of the pool
  • Provides a nice cushion at the bottom of the pool
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple to mount
  • Performs well on a rough yard
  • Not as strong as other pads
  • Might come A little bigger than the diameter of the pool.

8. GLI 70 Floor Pad (Best Pad for Above Ground Pool)

GLI 70 Floor Pad

The GLI Armor Shield, which is also the leading swimming pool liner producer. In fact, if you bought a new pool liner, it’s probably GLI that made it. That means the Armor Shield quality is spot on. Although there are also a few premium pool pads out there to choose from, in terms of the overall construction efficiency, very few compete with the Armor Shield. 

The Armor Shield also includes a cushioning layer between the liner and the sandy or hard surface below. Talking of sand, it is created to prevent the formation of footprints and also to help keep the floor clean and smooth.

It comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty, as a reference to the efficiency of the Armor Shield. Although this individual is extremely generous, if you buy a new GLI liner pool pad, the manufacturer can extend the warranty on the liner for several years. Needless to say, the GLI Armor Shield can be the pool pad to you if you’re searching for the peace of mind of build quality and a great warranty.

  • Outstanding design
  • Specially built to avoid punctures and gaps
  • Easy-to-install due to one-piece design
  • Removes footprints
  • Provides an additional cushioning layer
  • Not suitable for square or rectangular pools
  • Need to be cut to suit

9.  Blue Wave 15-Feet

Blue Wave 15-Feet

This high-quality over floor pool pad is a well-known brand in the pool maintenance sector from Blue Wave Pool Items. The Blue Wave brand has been around for quite some time, understands what the customer is searching for in pool pads. Such knowledge is evident with the new Gorilla Pool pad, which provides inferior protection in which it is impossible to compete. One of the advantages of investing in this unique pool pad is that you get something which offers the best in both feature and durability.

In addition to offering unparalleled protection against leakage, the Gorilla pool pads also add a protective layer to the bottom of the above-ground swimming pool, makes the pool area extremely comfortable and enjoying walking on. In fact, the extra cushioned layer offered by this pool pad also removes footprints that usually appear at the swimming pool bottom.

The Blue Wave Pool Goods has made it very easy to get their luxury pool pad in a size that perfectly suits your above ground swimming pool. All you need to do is take the dimensions of your above ground swimming pool and submit it to the manufacturer to get one that is suited to your specific dimensions criteria. Besides that, you can choose from either the standard size available, which fits many other swimming pools. You’ll also get a handy 90-day warranty, just in case, to go with the pool pad.

  • Provides superior leak safety
  • Breathable material
  • Can be seamed and cut to order
  • Compact design
  • Effortless installation
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty.

10. Liner Life GP12R

Liner Life GP12R

The LinerLife pool pads are explicitly constructed to protect the pool liner and the bottom of your above ground pool. Such tough, durable pads create an almost durable layer of protection against roots, Grass, stones, and nearly every other hard object. This helps to remove all too common leaks from vinyl liners. 

Additionally, each pad also offers a soft cushion for walking on. Although not as thick and spongy as foam padding, it enables soften actions to create a more comfortable swimming experience in the garden.

Like other premium quality pool pads, the LinerLife pad also helps to prevent footprints in the sand under a pool liner from forming. Additionally, the robust and sturdy pad comes pre-cutting the exact size of your pool, so there is no need to measure, remove, and tap like the other conventional foam padding. Since you can select from a variety of styles, just ensure you choose the best one for your pool. 

The shining feature of the LinerLife pool pad is its extremely-tough geotextile polyester content. Although all quality swimming pads are tight, the stuff used for the LinerLife is so tough, and the cutting is almost impossible.

  • Reliable and durable material and construction
  • well-made product, the Premium-Quality
  • Avoid leakage
  • provides cushioning
  • Available in a different range of sizes
  • Not suitable for wet, humid climates
  • Sizes run a little large

Factors to Consider when Buying an Above Ground Pool Pad

All most all above ground pool pads are pretty much similar, but every perfect pool pad should contain some different qualities, such as:

Extra Cushioning

Although a pool pad’s primary function was to provide protection, it also provides extra comfort into a quality pool pad. Other than being thin, they can provide cushioned comfort for every movement and make it even more fun to play around in the water.

Strong and Durable Construction

To defend against punctures and leaks, an above ground pool mat must be strong enough. The best above ground pool pads are made of a felt-like, geotextile material. For a lot of conditions and sharp objects, it is compact and lightweight and impenetrable.

Ease of Use

An above-ground pool pad should be straightforward to use and install. The pad should be pre-cut to your desire size of the pool and doesn’t require any measuring, cutting, and tapping at all.  


An above-ground swimming pool pad should provide breath ability in response to toughness, as well as allow airflow. While acknowledging the flow of air and water, it will avoid humidity from trapping and prevent oxidation and corrosion.

What is an Above Ground Pool Pad?

A pool pad is a piece of specially constructed fabric that sits on top of the sand and below your pool liner to give you an extra layer of protection from Grass, roots, stones, glass, crimson, etc. in the ground that can puncture your liner and cause leakage. 

Most of the high-quality pool pads, such as the ones above, are made of a felt-like, geotextile material. However, It was far from standard or poker table pool. The product is specially designed to provide enough level of protection, cushioning, and durability to improve the life of both the pool liners and the pools they cover.

Why You Need a Pool Pad?

Yeah, you can build an above ground swimming pool and experience it without a pool pad, at least for a while. It would be just a matter of time, however, before the pool leaked, making you disappointed and leaving you without a pool to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

Including beetles, moles, rocks, and roots, groundhogs, and some other factors that may do a number to the bottom side of a pool. The land below is moist, attracting roots, bugs, and almost everything else. You can generate a shield with a pool pad to secure your above ground pool with better security.

How to Properly Set Up a Pool with A Pool Pad?

Now that we recognize how to buy the best pool pad, it’s time to mount it correctly, so that forms a stable foundation for the pool. Because every pool pad would fail to do its duty if it is installed incorrectly — regardless of how good it is — sometimes it is better to fit the pad following professionally accepted guidelines. Below are some ideas to do exactly that, and to properly build a pool pad.

1. Before Beginning the Installation

The surface needs to be completely flat and clean of any ground stones before even trying to mount a pool pad. If the surface is not entirely leveled, it can create severe problems down the line, which may also result in damage to the swimming pool below the line. It’s a great idea to spray an insecticide before laying the foundation for the sand to prevent the growth of nutgrass.

2. Form A Solid Base

The very first step, the swimming pool owner will take to provide a solid foundation is to position a 3-inch sand layer from one pool wall to another pool wall. Upon installation of the sand foundation, the properly-cut and designed pool liner are then placed at the top of that sand layer.

3. Attach the Wall Foam & Pool Cove

The next move is to apply the glue or sticky tape the pool’s wall foam onto the metal wall of the tank. Begin above the pool wall. Now cut adhesive backing from the tank-cove, and add it to the concrete pool wall. The placement will be directly above the floor pad of the liner.


That’s all while we end up hoping you will now be aware of all of the items mentioned in this post. Surely, all of those pool pads, as mentioned earlier, will improve your swimming pools look and comfort. 

For our case, they’re all fantastic, but our top picks are the Liner Life Pad and the Horizon Ventures. Because with the protection function that makes them stand out from all rest. This ensures you can enjoy a swimming pool, whatever the weather might be.

However, it still does not make all other pool pads lessor. I believe you know that when it comes to options, preferences, and tastes, we all have a different mindset. You can determine which pad entertains you best and just go for it with your personal will and in consulting with our quick buying guide. 

As we promised, you’ll realize buying a great pool pad isn’t very challenging. I hope you’ve found the best above ground pool pad for yourself and kids. Best wishes!

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