How To Hold A Mouse For Gaming: 3 Main Types of Mouse Grips

How to hold a mouse for gaming? This is one big question you should find an answer to before you start playing any game

How to hold a mouse for gaming? This is one big question you should find an answer to before you start playing any game.

Is holding the gaming mouse right way really that important? The answer is a big yes. Using the gaming mouse properly is the first prerequisite if you want to outperform your opponents in PubG or FIFA 20. Your performance can really suffer if you are not comfortable holding the mouse. Not finding the desired mouse grip is one of the fundamental reasons why you are never satisfied with the outcome of your gaming sessions.

Importance of Holding a Gaming Mouse Properly

If you have never given any thought to holding a mouse properly, this is the high time that you do. Mastering the art of mouse handling is crucial for playing computer games efficiently and comfortably. In fact, it comes as a major surprise for many that different games require different mouse grips. You can totally outclass your rivals in some games simply by holding the mouse correctly.

For example, there are games where you require the shortest response time when it comes to moving the mouse rapidly or pressing buttons. Similarly, you need to have a mouse that is not only comfortable but can withstand hours of abuse, especially in the case of first-person shooter games. Traditional mouse grips can result in sore and tired hands after hours of gaming sessions. Therefore, find a mouse that suits your hand’s grip to remain relaxed and calm without stopping the action.

There are also dedicated mice for first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty. Such a mouse comes with customer triggers for a more entertaining, fulfilling, and comfortable gaming experience. You can avail of the benefits of precise positioning and immaculate shooting by holding this kind of mouse.

Above mentioned are some of the reasons you need devices with built-in or customizable buttons and configurations for gaming use.

Before we move forward, it is pertinent to mention that your traditional computer mouse can still work perfectly only if you know how to hold in different ways for different purposes. On the other hand, your fingers may still end up stressed and tired even if you are using a dedicated gaming mouse. This normally happens if you have no idea how to hold a computer mouse. There are, in fact, many different types of mouse grips you can use to enhance your gaming experience.

Three Main Types of Mouse Grips

The process of learning how to hold a mouse for gaming starts with identifying the best mouse grip for yourself. This is absolutely important if you don’t want to leave your game midway just because your fingers get tired. It is also necessary to choose a mouse that is compatible with your hand’s grip.


But, how do you know what the best mouse grip for you is or what grip you are already using?

The following lines explain the most popular ways of holding a computer mouse. You will also get to learn what their benefits are and how these grips can transform you into a real gaming beast.

Without any further ado, let’s find out which mouse grip you should use.

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The Claw Grip: Best for Faced-Paced Multiplayer Gaming

The claw grip is a relatively common mouse grip. It is the preferred grip of people who don’t use their mouse only for gaming.

As you may have already guessed, your hand forms the shape of a claw when you hold your mouse in this fashion. In this particular method, you arch your fingers on the mouse buttons, leaving the upper part of your palm on the lower or back part of the mouse.

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When you get into this position, you normally use your middle finger and tips of your index finger to use the mouse buttons. Some people also use the combination of ring and index fingers to control the mouse. However, it all depends on how comfortable you are with this configuration. In the latter case, your middle finger will be free to use macro buttons and the control wheel.

If you have larger palms or longer fingers, the claw grip is the best mouse grip for you. According to some experts, it is the most proper way to hold a gaming mouse because it offers much more flexibility to your fingers compared to any other grip. Subsequently, you can use this flexibility to your advantage. For example, it becomes very easy to access all the traditional mouse buttons which may come handy in different situations.

The claw grip is considered one of the best mouse grips for Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs). As mentioned above, the claw grip enables you to easily access the macros which are an integral part of gameplay in case of MOBAs and MMOs. The extra flexibility also ensures less response time and better reaction time. Therefore, the claw grip is your friend whether you are playing for fun or competing in online tournaments.

Although it is named as claw grip, you actually use your wrist to move your mouse around. The use of wrist considerably enhances your abilities. For example, it ensures faster movements and greater accuracy.

There couldn’t be anything better than the claw grip in faced-paced games where it is also crucial to use your macros without any hassle.

The Fingertip Grip: Best for Shooting Games

The fingertip grip is the least common type of mouse grips. You do not see this type of grip quite often. However, this particular grip can give you a unique competitive advantage over your rivals because of its unusualness. For example, the fingertip grip is the ideal grip to win shooting games as it adds exaggerated offensive capabilities to your armory.

As the name suggests, you will only use your fingertips to push buttons in the fingertip grip. The grip results in quick timing and high speeds due to the fact that it allows you to snap the mouse into place rather quickly. Therefore, if you need quick reaction times while playing games, you must always use the fingertip grip.

Keep in mind that there is hardly any mouse built for the fingertip grip. If you even find one, it would most certainly be devoid of multiple buttons. But, there is a reason behind keeping the mouse simple and straightforward. The lack of buttons makes it easier for you to snap the mouse into place using your fingertips. As a result, you will almost always get the best shot, helping your team win the elusive trophy.

Mice built for fingertip grip are the most unique in appearance as well. They are surprisingly flat and lightweight, necessary to ensure quick action during shoots. Similarly, you do not need to use your palm when you employ the fingertip technique. Therefore, the mouse becomes even lighter when you remove the unnecessary buttons and body parts.

When you decide to learn how to hold a mouse for gaming, using a fingertip grip is the first lesson you should take. The fingertip grip can provide you with astounding speed, accuracy, and muscle memory which no other grip can match. You will be uncomfortable at the start, especially if you have been using other grips for a long time. But, the rewards will be unbelievable once the grip becomes your second nature.

Finally, the fingertip grip is the mouse grip you need if you play games where you have to snap the mouse from place to place in a fraction of seconds.

The Palm Grip: Best for Long and Comfortable Gaming Sessions

The palm grip has the distinction of being the most common mouse grip in the world. It is equally popular among gamers and non-gamers alike. There is every likelihood that everyone in a computer lab, library or classroom is using the palm grip.

In palm grip, you rest your entire palm on the upper part of the mouse, unlike the claw group where only a part of your palm touches the mouse. The palm grip is the most comfortable grip by far because your hand remains relaxed all the time. Therefore, there are little to no chances of your hands developing cramps during long and intense gaming sessions.

The palm grip is a multipurpose grip that you can use in almost all scenarios. To make things clear, they don’t offer the speed of the fingertip grip and the enhanced accuracy of the claw grip. However, the palm grip does have the best support system among the mouse grips.

When you use the palm grip, you forget about getting tired because your palm or hand is well supported. You also don’t have to worry about cramped and sore hands, enabling you to fully concentrate on your game. The palm grip also helps you prolong your gaming sessions. As a matter of fact, many professional gamers use a combination of one of their favorite grip and the palm grip to improve their gameplay.

The palm grip is the best grip for you if you enjoy playing games just for the sack of fun. You can use it for competitive matches but it is best suited for having friendly matches. It is the most comfortable grip which means you can focus on the game without worrying about other things.

That being said, you can totally surprise your opponents in the upcoming tournament by displaying greater speed, mobility, and increased precision if you are willing to combine the palm grip with any other grip of your choice. The end result will be a super-powerful hybrid grip none of your opponents can stand against.

Which Grip is the Best for You?

Many people, especially newcomers who are still learning how to use a mouse properly for gaming, make hasty decisions when it comes to choosing the best mouse grip. There is in fact, no “ideal” method of how to hold a mouse for gaming. Every grip has its merits and demerits. You should choose one according to your gaming preferences and comfort zone.

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Each of the above three grips is beneficial for different types of games. They have different features that may suit some gamers but not others. For example, some gamers may find the fingertip grip very uncomfortable. They may never get accustomed to it even after hours of use.

It is not enough to know how to hold a mouse for gaming. The choice of grip depends upon what is manageable and comfortable for you. Fingertip or claw grips are not an option if you have been struggling with wrist pain. In this case, you ought to go for the palm grip because it allows your entire palm to control the mouse, enabling your forearm to have much-needed rest.


However, the palm grip is not perfect for people with nimble fingers. This is where claw or fingertip grips can come to their rescue. In fact, these grips are at their best in these scenarios as they help your long fingers do all the work instead of your palm.

It is also crucial to consider the type of games you play. In fact, the choice of your grip can greatly affect your performance in certain games. The palm grip can work wonders for people who aren’t too competitive or love playing slow-paced games.

The claw grip, on the other hand, offers smooth, agile movement, necessary for excelling in fast-paced games. Similarly, if you have to regularly access macros as in the case of MMOs, using the claw grip is the only option.

Finally, the fingertip grip specializes in fast, snappy movements which can be very beneficial for competitive shooters. It improves your aim quite significantly. The grip happens to be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but the pain you endure will pay dividends in the end.


Now, you have learned how to hold a mouse for gaming. You also have a better understanding of different mouse grips and how they can benefit you in different types of games. All you need to do is to choose the grip which suits your preferred types of games and hand structure. Once you master that grip, you will become a force to reckon with in the gaming world.

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