How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Screen: A Detailed Guide

Do you want to know how to connect PS4 to laptop screen

Many people want to play PS4 games on a laptop. But, they have no idea how to connect PS4 to the laptop screen. Connecting PS4 to a laptop can be a tricky task, especially for people with zero know-how of types of data cables and connectors they have to deal with. Similarly, you also have to install a PS4 application on your laptop in addition to plugging in the cables.

To make matters worse, many laptops such as most of the notebooks don’t have a video input, which is a necessity to display the gameplay. Unlike projectors and LCDs where you get the display just by connecting the HDMI cable, you need to do much more in the case of PS4. For example, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports on both PS4 and laptop are output ports. Similarly, the HDMI does not support a two-way connection as it is a unidirectional cable. Therefore, you will not get the desired results simply by connecting the HDMI.

It becomes very difficult for an average person to find a solution to this rather complicated problem. You may also need to perform some extra tasks to get everything right. However, you need not worry. We have explained how to connect PS4 to the laptop screen in detail. This is a comprehensive guide containing everything you need to know about connecting PS4 to a laptop for gaming.

If you are eager to know how you can convert your laptop into a gaming console, look no further.

Different Ways of Playing PS4 on Laptop Screen with HDMI

There are many ways of connecting PS4 to a laptop using HDMI cable. We are going to discuss a few of these methods in the following lines.

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Screen through Video Capture Card

One of the most common methods to connect PS4 to a laptop screen with HDMI is to use a video capture card. Video capture card makes it particularly easy for you to play the game either on a laptop or an LCD.

Although the process to set up PS4 on a laptop through a video capture card is quite easy, you have to carefully follow certain steps.

The process requires the following item to complete successfully.

  • PS4 Gaming Console
  • A Laptop
  • Dual Function HDMI Cable
  • File Sharing Enabled
  • An Internet Connection
  • A Video Capture Card

Once you have gathered all the items, you need to follow our step by step guide to complete the process.

1.    Check if All Connections are Working Properly

First of all, you have to enable file sharing on your PlayStation4. Go to Menu and then Settings. Now, open Network Setting and you will find the Internet Connection Setting option. Find your internet connection from the list of connections. Connect the PS4 to the internet if it is not connected already.

Some users may not have a wireless connection. If this is the case, use Ethernet cables to connect both the laptop and PlayStation4 to the same router. Now, both devices are connected allowing seamless game streaming between the two.

2.    Install the Video Capture Card

Installing the video capture card to the laptop is a breeze. You can install it through a USB port. The video capture card will also serve as an S-video connection. Every video capture card also comes with its own software. You have to install the software for the card to function properly. We also recommend using a high-quality video capture card for the best results. Such a card is a little more expensive but it is worth the money.

3.    Connect both PlayStation4 and the Laptop to the Video Capture Card

Now, it is time to connect both the PS4 and the laptop to the video capture card. Normally, you can only connect the video capture card with the laptop through an S-Video connection cable. Therefore, arrange one if you don’t have any. Subsequently, connect the HDMI-Out connector to the PlayStation4 and the HDMI-In connector to the video capture card.

4.    Open and Check the Software

Once you have checked all the connections, you can switch on the PS4. Now, open the installation software that came with the video capture card. The software will automatically search for any PS4 connected to your laptop. If it finds one, which it will if all the connections are working properly, it will display it on your laptop screen. Always open the application in full-screen mode to use it in full resolution.

Run the installation software after ensuring that the above process has been completed successfully.

You can easily connect your PlayStation4 to the laptop screen and stream games on your laptop with ease by following the above steps. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

As mentioned above, a good video capture card can be quite expensive. However, you must choose this method if quality and exhilarating gaming experience are your preferences.

But, people with a limited budget should not lose heart. We are going to discuss another very easy and less expensive solution.

Connecting PS4 Using the Built-in Recording Function

The PlayStation 4 has a built-in recording function that captures the display when you save the gameplay in the laptop’s storage.

You can record or capture any game you are playing on PS4. Press the Share button on the controller to enter the Share page. Subsequently, enter the Share settings and then go to the Advanced settings. Now, you will find the Broadcast setting option. Check the “include microphone audio in the broadcast”. This is an essential step if you want to record the voice of the gameplay as well. Otherwise, the built-in recording function will only record the video.

Once you are done with settings, you can play any game and the system will start recording it.

It is much more beneficial to play PS4 on a laptop screen only with HDMI. First and foremost, it is much a cheaper option as you don’t have to spend money on the external video capture card. Secondly, it is much more convenient to set up, helping you stream your game easily and quickly.

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop through Remote Play

Connecting PlayStation4 to your laptop via remote play gives you a lot of freedom while playing your favorite video games. When you are connected remotely, you can enjoy playing games from any part of your room without worrying about connecting multiple cables or resulting clutter.

Playing PS4 via remote play requires the following items.

  • A Laptop
  • PlayStation4 Gaming Console
  • A Valid Account on PlayStation Network
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adaptor or a USB Cable

The following are the main steps you have to take to enable remote PS4 gameplay on your laptop.

1.    Arrange an LCD or a Screen

It sounds strange but you have to have a screen, preferably an LDC, to play PS4 remotely on your laptop. It is necessary to tweak some PlayStation4 settings to set up the remote play and it is only possible if you have an LCD.

2.    Download Sony Remote Play App

The next step is to download the latest version of the Sony remote play app according to your laptop. The Sony Remote Play’s website has different apps for Mac and Windows. It is necessary to download this app otherwise you won’t be able to play PS4 remotely.

Once you have downloaded the app, run the installer and the app will install just like any other app.

3.    Enable and Update PS4

You only need to follow this step if you have multiple PS4s in your home. If you have only one PS4, just skip this step and move straight to step 4.

You also require to prepare your PS4 for the connection. In this regard, one of your PS4s will become a primary console. Switch on your PlayStation4 and go to Settings. Navigate to PlayStation Network Settings. Find the Account Management option that further has Activate as Primary PS4 option which you have to enable.

Another thing you have to do is to update PlayStation 4 to the latest software. You can find the latest update in the Settings section as well. Navigate to Settings and then to System Software Update. From there, you can download the latest update manually.

4.    Activate the Remote Play Option

Now, it is time to activate the Remote Play option which is also available in PlayStation4’s settings. You will find Remove Play Connection settings inside the main Settings section. Check the box if the remote play is disabled and you are good to go.

You also have to ensure that PlayStation is either switched on or in Rest mode otherwise, you cannot play the game through the network.

5.    How to Turn On PS4 through Network

The PlayStation4’s Rest mode is enabled by default. But, there is nothing wrong with doing a recheck. Once again, navigate to Settings and then to Power settings. Now, go to the Rest Mode and enable it in case it is disabled.

Just like the Rest Mode, the option to turn on PS4 from the network is also enabled by default. If it is disabled somehow, you have to enable it yourself from the Power settings.

That’s all you have to do with remote play app on your PS4.

6.    Set all Settings on Your Laptop

Now, it is time to shift your focus to the remote play app on your Laptop. You will find the Setting option on the app’s left side. One of the first things you have to set is the resolution frames per second. The default resolution is usually 720p. This is the optimal setting for regular laptops and PS4. If you want to increase the resolution to 1080p, you need PlayStation4 Pro and a high power laptop.

You can also select from standard to high frame rates while you are still tweaking the frame rate. You need to choose something in between. Higher framerate such as 60fps will put an extra burden on your network. Low framerate, on the other hand, will decrease the game’s video quality.

7.    How to Connect DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

There are two ways of connecting the DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your laptop. You can either use a USB adaptor or a USB cable to accomplish the task.

Connecting a wireless control is quite simple as explained by the bullet points below.

  1. Press and hold circular PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller until the light bar on the controller starts flashing.
  2. To pair the controller with the laptop, just plug in the USB cable into the laptop’s USB ports. The controller will get paired in 3-4 seconds maximum.

8.    Search for PlayStation4 Network

Searching for PlayStation4 Network on your laptop won’t take long. The remote play app contains a Start button. Click on the Start button and the app will prompt you to log in to your PS4 network.

The remote play app takes a few seconds to search for the PS4 network. It will display the home screen of the first detected PS4 on your laptop’s screen. This is the console whose gameplay is being streamed to your laptop.

You may find it interesting that you can type text and chat with other players using the laptop’s keyboard and mouse.

9.    How to Power Off

It is advisable to power off the PlayStation4 once you are done with playing your games. Just press the PlayStation button on your controller. Navigate to PS4’s power settings and then to Turn Off PS4. You can also terminate the connection by entering the Rest Mode. The Rest mode will also put your PS4 to sleep.

Connecting PS4 to your laptop screen through remote mode is a bit tricky and takes a little bit of time. However, it is an exciting method to play PlayStation games on a laptop, to say the least, compared to using HDMI to establish the connection.

Using OBS Recording Software

Most professional gamers use an Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to connect PS4 to the laptop screen. The OBS software has great features and provides you with a professional environment to play your games.

It is also quite easy to access or capture gameplay using OBS. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given below.

First of all, you have to install PS4 remote play software on your laptop and establish the connection between PS4 and the laptop. Subsequently, open OBS software and look out for the Add Menu option. Add a menu and select Window Capture Option from the newly created menu. This will enable your laptop to start capturing PS4 gameplay. Now, simply press OK.

Just like playing PS4 through PS4’s built-in recording feature, playing PS4 games on laptop through OBS is a quicker and cheaper option. Nonetheless, both methods can easily compete with video capture cards in terms of the quality of video and sound and speed of the gameplay.


The above lines explain how to connect PS4 to the laptop screen. They are some of the most common methods to achieve this rather tricky goal. This article explains three methods to connect PS4 to a laptop. The fourth method, that is using OBS, is just a bonus but worth a try.

Finally, I would suggest you not to stick to only one method. Try all the options if you can and then choose the one which meets your particular requirements and budget. Happy gaming.

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