Should I Get A PS4 Or Wait For PS5: Everything You Need To Know

PS4 is the most popular gaming console every by a fair distance. It has the greatest catalog of some of the best video games ever released.

PS4 is the most popular gaming console every by a fair distance. It has the greatest catalog of some of the best video games ever released. However, its sales are steadily declining after Sony announced it is going to release PS5 at the end of this year. Therefore, you must be wondering should I get a PS4 or wait for PS5. And, we are going to answer this question in this article.

We have also divided our article into the following sections, making it easier for you to reach your decision.

  • Why should you buy a PS4?
  • Why should you wait for PS5?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

You must be thinking of waiting for PS5 instead of buying a PS4. After all, why would you spend money on an “obsolete product” when you can get your hands on the latest version in a few months. However, this may the best time to buy PS4. Its prices have dropped considerably making it affordable for all and sundry. This is especially important if you have been saving money for years to buy PS4.

A Big Year for Gaming Consoles

Before we start the debate about should you buy PS4 Pro or wait for PS5, it is pertinent to mention that 2020 promises to be a great year for gamers despite Coronavirus pandemic. Both Sony and Microsoft are replacing PS4 Pro and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively. We already know that Sony will release the PS5 in this year’s holiday season. Although there is no specific date yet you can expect to buy a PS5 in early November.

However, this is too long a wait for gaming enthusiasts like me. The wait is even longer if you don’t already have a modern gaming console. Therefore, I suggest waiting for PS5 while buying a PS4 Pro or sticking with PS4 if you already own one.

Top Reasons to Buy PS4 Pro Right Now

Apart from low prices and a long wait for PS5, we are underlining some other benefits of buying PS4 right now if you are still not convinced.

PS4 is more Affordable than Ever

As we have already discussed, PS4 Pro has suddenly become much more affordable now even if not for the release of PS5. PS4 came into the market back in 2016. As you would expect, its retail price has dropped quite significantly over 4 years. The original PS4 released in 2014 is available for merely around $200 whereas you can buy PS4 pro for around $300.

You should not Wait if You Don’t Have Enough Money

Talking about money, PS5 will cost you a fortune, especially within the first year of its release. We still have no idea how much PS5 will cost but it will be expensive. That is for sure. Modern gaming consoles are no match for high-end gaming PCs in terms of price. However, PS5 will be costly considering all of its features and functions.

The PS4 was priced at $399 at the time of its release. The PS3 was even more expensive as it started at $499 for the base model. The highest capacity model of PS3 cost gamers $599 when it first came out. Although PS4 was cheaper than Xbox One at $399 yet Sony does not hesitate to push the price the limits.

Keep in mind that PS5 will have a price tag of around $500, making it even costlier than all the Microsoft’s consoles. Therefore, you should contend with PS4 if you don’t intend to spend that much money.

The price will drop after a year but then, you will be close to an upgrade which will most likely come after 3 years of release.

All the Big Game Titles will be available for PS4

The arrival of PS5 does not mean game developers will ditch PS4 and PS4 Pro. PS4 is getting most of the big titles including but not limited to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Going Under, Cyberpunk 2077, and Sucker Punch Ghost of Tsushima. And, who can forget The Last of Us Part II which is arguably the biggest and most anticipated game of 2020.

The PS4 Pro becomes must-have only for The Last of Us Part II alone. Similarly, it also suggests that its days are not numbered as you may be forced to think. It is here to stay and the big game titles will keep coming to PS4 in 2020 and beyond.

Largest Catalog of Your Favorite Games

Are you still wondering should I buy a PS4? The simple answer is yes.  Both PS4 and PS4 Pro has the largest and best collection of exclusive games, making it a must-buy for everyone. Some of the exclusive game titles include the brilliant Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games, and Marvel’s Spiderman. Of course, the Last of Us Remastered and the Unchartered Series by Naughty Dogs are also available for PS4 only.

Believe or not, we have only scratched the surface by mentioning these titles. There are, in fact, hundreds of games that are exclusive to PS4. You cannot play these games on any other gaming console. The only exception is Death Stranding which Hideo Kojima is going to release for PC later this year.

Rest assured, you will have a large number of games to play, exclusive or not, if you decide to buy PC4 Pro right now. On top of that, the number of games available on PS4 is still growing. Therefore, there is no need of wasting more money on a new console if you can play all the games on a cheaper one.

 Buy PS4 Pro if You can’t Wait till November+

Should I get a PS4 or wait for PS5? The answer also depends on when will PS5 be released? Well, the PS5 is not coming out before early November. Therefore, you should go for PS4 Pro if you cannot wait for six long months. On the other hand, sit tight and wait for PS5 if you have the courage and stamina to live without playing your favorite games for such a long time.

You also need to consider another very important factor here. More and more people are placing stay in home orders for PS5. Therefore, you may have to wait even longer. It is a cumbersome task to wait for new gaming consoles if you are an avid gamer. You should feel safe in buying PS4 or PS4 Pro for now, especially when a lot of deals are available on PS4.

Great Deals on PS4

Many people ask why should I buy a PS4. One thing which can greatly facilitate you when it comes to deciding should you buy PS4 or wait for PS5 is great deals on PS4. Currently, PS4 and PS4 pro are at $299 and $399 respectively. However, you can get a discount of at least $50 if you look for PS4 at the right place. If you dig even deeper and harder, you would get even a better deal. For example, you can get new or refurbished models of both PS4 and PS4 Pro at GameSpot for $50 less than the normal price. Similarly, you can directly buy the PS4 from local owners for less than $200. These people are either switching to Xbox or have upgraded to PS4 Pro.

Still Not Much is Known about PS5

We already know PS5’s main specification but other than that, we still don’t know anything about it. For example, no one is sure whether or not it will have a backward capability despite being advertised by Sony. Even if it is compatible with PS4 games, will it work with physical games or only support the digital versions of them?

As mentioned above, the price of PS5 is still shrouded in mystery. It is going to be more expensive than pS4 but how much. Rumors have it that it will cost around $500. It is significantly more than the price of brand new PS4 and even PS4 Pro.

What if I have Xbox 360 or PS3?

You may be wondering should I get a PS4 or wait for PS5 if you already have an Xbox 360 or PS3. The answer is that should buy PS4 at the earliest. As you would imagine, not many games are coming to PS3 nowadays. As a result, you would miss almost all of the new games that are not compatible with Xbox 360 or PS3. You have been denying a chance to enjoy some of the best Sony exclusive titles for quite some time as well.

Many people intentionally keep on playing older games because they cannot afford the new consoles or do not want to buy them at their launch due to their high price. Similarly, bugs in the new consoles, costly accessories, and lack of compatible games also put them off.

There is hardly any new game that supports Xbox 360 or PS3. The trend will continue until the time comes when you have to buy a new console. You may also think why should I buy a Ps4 when I can directly purchase PS5. Buying a PS5 means you would miss out on a lot of great gaming stuff available on PS4. It is better to get a PS4 at a reduced price instead of buying PS5 at full price. Use your PS4 for three years and upgrade to PS5 when you find great deals on it as well.

Reasons You Should Wait for PS5

Should you wait for PS5? Yes, if you meet a couple of criteria that are described below.

You already have A PS4

You can wait for PS5 is you already have a PS4 or Xbox One. Owning a PS4 means you already have access to the largest collection of games on the planet. Similarly, you will continue to get all the titles releases on PS4 for years to come.

It is pertinent to mention that all PS4 games are available on the original PS4. Although their performance is much better on PS4 Pro but there will never be a PS4 Pro exclusive title. It simply means you won’t miss out on any Sony exclusive game even if you have an ordinary PS4 console.

The case is the same with Xbox One. The games may differ graphically but all of them are compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One.

Also, keep in mind that both PS4 and Xbox can server you for a long time in terms of app support, updates, accessories, and support for new games. All the game developers, as well as Sony, provide support to older versions for at least two years after the launch of a new console. Therefore, you can play all the new games for two more years if you have a PS4. It will also allow you to wait for PS5 prices to drop.

You should Wait for PS5 for its Amazing Features

Should I get a PS4 or Wait for PS5? You should wait for PS5 if you want to avail all of the latest features and specifications PS5 will offer. PS5 seems to excel in both aspects even at the early stage of its development. For example, it has been ascertained that PS5 will support Raytracing, 3D Audio, and up to 8K gaming which is impressive, to say the least.

The new console will reportedly offer a powerful combination of GPU and CPU as well as standard SSD, reducing the load time to almost zero. The following are some other known specs of PS5.

  • Radeon Navi Based Console
  • 3D Audio
  • Raytracing
  • 8 core AMD Ryzen based on 7nm Zen 2
  • New PlayStation 5 Controllers
  • Up to 8K Resolution
  • SSD
  • Supports Physical Games
  • Backward Compatibility for PS4

The most amazing feature of PS5 is backward compatibility for PS4. It means you can play PS4 games on 8K resolution which is simply fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I wait for PlayStation 5?

You should wait for PS5 if you can survive without a game console for another six months and have around $500 to spend on a single day.

  • Should I buy a PC or wait for ps5?

You should wait for PS5 because game consoles tend to be cheaper than the high-end gaming PCs. Secondly, almost all the games will provide support for PS5. However, many games do not support PCs such as The Last of Us Part II, Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War, and Marvel’s Spiderman which are exclusive to PlayStation.

  • What will the ps5 cost?

If rumors are true, PS5 will cost you from $450 to $500. However, Sony has yet not revealed the actual price of PlayStation 5.

  • What is the ps5 controller?

Called as DualSense, the new PS5 controller offers a lot of new and intuitive features such as a headphone jack, capturing a broader sense of emotions, adaptive trigger buttons, and a built-in microphone. The biggest feature of the PS5 controller is its black and white design which is a big departure from the PS4 controller’s design.

  • What does the PS5 controller look like?

The PS5 controller resembles a boomerang. Similarly, it has a black and white color scheme, unlike the PS4 controller which has an all-black color scheme. Fans have divided opinion over the design of the new controllers. Most people are loving it while some are critical about their outlook and appearance.

  • Will ps4 controllers work with ps5?

The PS5 is rumored to have backward compatibility which means the PS4 controllers should work on PS5 as well. However, you will miss some of the new features of PS5 controllers.

  • Will PS5 controllers have a touch screen?

The PlayStation 5 will have a different looking controller with new features and changes. One such feature is a removable touchscreen that you can install on the touchpad area of the controller. You can also provide tactical feedback using the touch screen. Similarly, you can use the touchscreen for performing special tasks and actions in the games as well.

Final Thoughts

Concluding our debate on “Should I get a PS4 or wait for PS5”, it is safe to say that you should buy a PS4 if you cannot wait till November to get a PS5. The PS4 is becoming increasingly affordable in addition to offering the largest catalog of your favorite games. Similarly, it can easily serve you for another 2 to 3 years without emptying your pocket. However, if you want the absolute best and have enough money to spend on a new console, you must wait for PS5.

Only keep one thing in mind that you won’t be able to play games like the Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII Remake for another six months if you decide to skip PS4 in favor of PS5.

What do you think about PS5? Will it live up to the expectations of the enthusiastic gamers or be a big disappointment?

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