How To Cool A Room With No Windows: 15 Proven Ways

Do you want to know how to cool a room with no windows?

Do you want to know how to cool a room with no windows?

It is impossible to spend even a minute in a room without windows, especially during scorching hot summer days. Cooling a room that is devoid of any kind of airflow or ventilation is not easy. Things become even more troublesome if you use the room regularly such as a bedroom, study room, or living room.  

However, you need not worry because this article will help you solve the problem by presenting some of the easiest and most effective cooling solutions. So, keep reading if you want to have a cold room even if it does not have any windows or ventilators.

Best Ways to Cool a Room with No Windows

The following are the best ways to cool a windowless room.

1.    Install a Ceiling Fan

You can install a ceiling fan to circulate the air across the room. Installing a ceiling fan to cool the room is the most logical and economical option as they tend to be cheaper than most air conditioning systems. A good ceiling fan will instantly cool things down by pushing the hot air away. Using ceiling fans in combination with air conditioners, portable evaporating coolers, and other cooling methods will also help you considerably reduce the room temperature. Above all, a ceiling fan can be a permanent solution to your problem as well because they usually last for years.

2.    Use a Portable Indoor Air Conditioner

Another terrific method of cooling a room with no window is to use a portable indoor air conditioner. Also known as Evaporative Cooler or Ventless Air Conditioner, a portable air conditioner works on the principles of evaporation to provide you with a very cold experience. It is very similar to a pedestal or standing fan. The only difference is that it uses ice, put in its tanks, to transmit a mist of cold air around in the room.

3.    Install an Air Conditioner In Your Wall

Installing an air conditioner in the room wall is the perhaps the best way to cool a room. However, an air conditioner only works probably if it can vent hot air outside. Therefore, your room needs to have a wall that leads to outside.

Also known as “through-the-wall” air conditioners, they cool a windowless room in minutes. They will do their job even though the installation process is a bit tricky. Similarly, they can be expensive and the installation will also cost you some money. However, you don’t need to use any other method if you are ready to do some modifications to your room walls.  

4.    A Floor Fan with Ice is a Great Option

Another way to cool down a windowless room is to use a common floor fan with some ice. You may have to DIY some stuff but the result will be just mindboggling. All you have to do is to put a bowl full of ice directly in front of the fan. The fan will cool the room down by dispersing the cold emitted by the ice across the place. This may well be the simplest method to cool a room. Similarly, you don’t have to spend any money at all. It works wonders when it comes to bringing down temperatures even though it is a bit old fashioned.

5.    Consider a Portable Air Conditioner

Using AC for room with no windows will make your room super cool. Therefore, you must also consider a portable air conditioner if you are still wondering how to cool a room with no windows. As you still need to vent the portable air conditioner to the outdoors, this may not be the most viable option, however. You have to have a vent or an opening to send the hot air out of the room. For example, you can run a hose through a wall which leads to outside, if your room has any. The alternative is to install a hose through another room but it will require a lot of work and money.

The portable air conditioners are normally very cheap and will do the job for you if you manage to set them up properly.

6.    Install Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless Air Conditioners work similarly to central air conditioners. As the name suggests, they are not dependent on ducts that run through the wall to work. However, they offer you the same cooling experience you receive from a central air conditioner.

A ductless air conditioner consists of two different units. You have to install the first unit on the wall inside your room. The outdoor unit or the “condenser” which powers the entire system is installed outside.

Unlike central air conditioners, you only need to make a 3-inches hole in the wall to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit through a pipe. As such, they are very easy to install and operate. You will enjoy extremely low temperatures once everything is set up.

7.    The Two Fan Trick is Worth Considering

Do you want to know how to cool a room with no windows with two fans? It is a tried and tested trick but not many people are aware of it, unfortunately. It involves strategically placing two fans in the room to drive hot air out of the door. All you have to do is to angle one fan towards the doorway and the other towards the ceiling. Hot air rises but it will remain very still in a windowless room. The fans will blow the hot air towards the ceiling and eventually out of the room through the door.

Fan box or freestanding fans also have a similar effect on people as a ceiling fan. They circulate the air throughout the room which in turn pushes the hot air around. As a result, the human body releases heat which has a cooling effect.

8.    Try to Lower Your Body Temperature

Apart from using fans and air conditioners, you should also try to lower your body temperature using different methods. For example, wear white or light clothes to reflect heat. Similarly, drinking cold water will also help you feel cold. You can also feel cold in a hot room without windows by taking a cold shower as it considerably lowers your body temperature.

9.    Switch of all the Electronics

You must ideally not have any electronics in your windowless room. However, try to switch them off if you have any. Appliances like television, refrigerators, and microwave ovens release a lot of heat, significantly increasing the room’s temperature. Appliances that use more energy will give off more heat. Similarly, it is also a good idea to turn off all the lights when you don’t need them.

People normally keep their electronics on. It seems to be more practical and easier. However, they can make your room a hell, especially during summers. Therefore, you need to switch them off when they are not in use or when you leave the room.

10. Plant Trees or Bushes on the Outside

Another fantastic method of cooling your room is to plant bushes on the outer walls of your room. Bushes can keep the heat away by preventing the sun to penetrate the walls. In simple words, they act as a heat insulator, keeping your house or room cooler.

11. Close the Doors

A lot of heat passes through an open door and you don’t even realize it. Storm doors or screens do a commendable job of blocking the heat but it can travel through them as well. On the other hand, simply closing the doors will prevent most of the heat from entering your room. Similarly, it will keep your room comparatively darker and cooler because the light equates to heat.

12. Put Cotton Sheets on the Bed

Do you know how to cool a room with no windows using common bed sheets, cotton sheets in particular? Cotton sheets are much more breathable and cooler than materials such as polyester.

13. Switch on Your Exhaust Fan

You will most probably have an exhaust fan both in your kitchen and bathroom. So, why not use them? What an exhaust fan does is that it pulls heat out of the kitchen or bathroom in particular and your house in general.

14. Use Less and Loose Clothes

Loose and less is the way to go if you spend time in a windowless room, especially if it does not have air conditioning as well. Sleep only in loose cotton pajamas that allow the air to pass through them. However, it is better to sleep in a tank top instead of a shirt and shorts rather than full-blown pants.

15. Use Clean Sheets to Cover Furniture

Always use clean cotton sheets to cover the furniture if you use the room as a living room, home office, or for any other purpose. The sheets will make rooms feel cooler if you store them in a cool closet before using them. Do not use fleece or flannel in any case if it is your bedroom as they make you feel hot.

Convert Your Windowless Room into a Summer Haven

Summer can be a difficult time of the year. The heat can become intolerable if you don’t take steps to cool down your windowless room. Similarly, you should not stop using the room just because of the lack of windows. You can convert your room into a summer haven and use it for different purposes. We have talked about how to cool a room with no windows in detail in this article. You can also implement these tips to cool down your room and enjoy your days in an icy cold environment.

Stay cool and cheers.

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