Are Hammocks Good For Your Back? Let Us Find Out

Are hammocks good for you back? The answer is yes? Keep reading the article to find out how they help you reduce back pain.

Are hammocks good for you back? The answer is yes? You may already know the fact if you have been sleeping in a hammock. You may also ask a person who regularly uses a hammock if you never slept in a hammock before. Sleeping or reclining in a hammock for a few hours may help you overcome problems such as waking up with sore limbs and back or even insomnia.

Besides the benefits related to sleep, the hammock provides with you a fantastic opportunity to relax and get your feet off the ground when you are tired. The feeling is just marvelous and you literally feel floating in the air. 

Some of the benefits of sleeping in hammock include decreased pressure on your joints and improved blood circulation which a traditional bed cannot offer.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following.

  • How sleeping ins a hammock differs from sleeping in a bed
  • Benefits of sleeping in a hammock
  • Best kinds of hammocks for back pain
  • How to use a hammock for back health

How Sleeping in a Hammock Differs from Sleeping in a Bed

What differentiates between sleeping in a bed and sleeping in a hammock is sleeping position. Your back health greatly depends on your sleeping position. A hammock enables you to maintain the best sleeping position, also helping you to avoid problems like back pain.

A hammock is a wonderful accessory that releases all the pressure on your back by not only “cocooning” but rocking you at the same time as well. The gentle rocking and swaying stimulate your vestibular system which in turn keeps your back in perfect health.

It is the vestibular system that puts a child to sleep even due to a subtle rocking. It triggers adrenaline rush when you ride a rollercoaster. In simple words, hammock is an incredibly comforting and relaxing for you.

Using Hammocks Indoors

You may already know that you can use hammocks indoors as well if you have read our article on “the best hammock with stand.” People have been using hammocks as indoor beds for time immemorial. For example, sailors in the old ship used to sleep in hammocks. Even today, most South Americans prefer hammocks over beds.

There are several ways to hang hammocks inside your home. Similarly, your hammock set up should also include a mosquito net. After all, you don’t want mosquito buzz in your ears after you fall asleep.

In short, there is nothing good than relaxing or sleeping in a hammock.

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Benefits of Sleeping in Hammock

Hammocks offer several benefits when it comes to resting, relaxing, or sleeping. People who have using hammocks have voiced their opinions and most of them advocate sleeping in a hammock. The best thing about hammocks is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time in them. You can use them occasionally and still avail of all their benefits.

The following paragraphs explain some of the health benefits of hammocks related to your back health and sleeping issues.

1.    A Hammock Helps you Attain an Ideal Sleeping Position

First and foremost, hammocks are better than beds because they help you achieve the ideal sleeping position. It will cocoon you and make you stay put, preventing you to toss on either side. A hammock works on the same principle as a memory bed. As a result, you cannot sleep on your stomach which can be very bad for you back.

Similarly, a hammock elevates your head to an adequate height, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and restful night.

2.    You Fall Asleep Quickly

A hammock makes you fall asleep quickly compared to a traditional bed according to a study. Continuous rocking and swaying induce sleep, helping you take a quick nap. As you cannot continuously turn and toss in your sleep, you don’t experience problems such as stiff back and limbs, sore body, and accompanying frustration. Secondly, you go to sleep in no time as you are already in a perfect sleeping position.

3.    Enjoy a Deeper Sleep

Hammocks allow you to enjoy a deeper sleep besides falling asleep faster. You can attain the deepest and best form of sleep known as REM sleep. You may take some time to achieve deep sleep if you have a sleep disorder. However, you will sleep deeper sooner or later while in a hammock.

Deeper sleep itself offers many benefits in the likes of improved memory, decreased anxiety, and better focus. Not to mention, your mood and work performance also improve because of better sleep.

4.    Zero Pressure-Point Sleep

Your body and hammock’s surface have no contact points between them, resulting in zero-point pressure sleep and rest. On the other hand, your body will come into contact and conform to the surface when you sleep on bed or ground. However, it is the hammock that conforms to your body when you are laying in it. The Hammock distributes pressure equally to all parts of your body rather than on specific areas only. The obvious outcome is reduced pressure on your back and thus, little to no back pain.

5.    Hammocks Alleviate Insomnia

You can suffer from several psychological and physical problems due to insomnia or inability to sleep. Different things cause insomnia which can be very painful and disturbing at times. However, you can potentially cure your insomnia by regularly spending time in a hammock, depending on the cause. Therefore, a hammock can come to your rescue if you wake up frequently at night and find it difficult to take a restful and deep sleep.

6.    Rocking in a Hammock is Good for Your Brain

Rocking in a hammock soothes your entire body, especially the brain. You feel relaxed, cozy, and sleepy when swaying back and forth. Rocking continuously stimulates your brain waves which in turn ensure faster sleep and full rest.

7.    A Wonderful Place to Read

A lot of people love reading in hammocks. It enables you to contour your body into the best reading position which is not possible in a regular bed. Similarly, you don’t need any pillows or other accessories at all. Above all, it is just a sensational experience to read outside in natural light.

8.    Great Overall Body Health

A hammock offers your body more time to recover. Our body restores a great deal of energy while we are fast asleep, repairing muscles and tissues as well as improving the immune system at the same time. Therefore, hammocks have a positive effect on your body health as they help you sleep better and deeper.

Best Kinds of Hammocks for Back Pain

Are hammocks good for your back? We have already answered this question. However, what is the best kinds of hammocks for back pain? Experts recommend using lounge-type hammocks with spreader bars on each side. These kinds of hammocks provide superior stability and comfort while sleeping. They are also a great choice if you tend to turn and toss a lot while sleeping. You must avoid woven rope hammocks at any cost because they don’t provide optical support for the entire body weight. Therefore, they may hurt your back instead of lessening the pain.

Gathered-end-hammock is another type of hammock which people with stiffness, soreness, and back pain should use. Made of high-quality cotton or polyester, they offer the best support for spinal health as well as supreme comfort for overall use.

How to Use a Hammock for Back Health

Hanging a hammock incorrectly is the biggest mistake you can make while using one. It cannot only put you in an awkward sleeping position but can also worsen your back pain. The hammock will have a bowl shape and deep depression if you hang it too low and lose, not providing the ideal sleeping conditions as well. The result is exacerbated stiffness and back pain.

It is also a bad idea to make the hammock too flat by pulling it too tight. Most people do this to compensate for the hammock’s natural curve. However, an excessively tight and flat hammock can create unwanted pressure points, increasing discomfort and pain.

To put it simply, you have to hang your hammock at the correct angle with precise tension. Only this way, you can reduce back pain and attain deep and healthy sleep.

It is also advisable to lay in a diagonal position in the hammock. The ideal angle is around 20-30 degrees across the hammock’s center. You can achieve this position by moving your upper body a few inches from the center and your lower body a few inches in the opposition direction. The hammock will cradle your body more gently if you angle your body diagonally to the center. It also reduces your spine’s curvature as you happen to be in an almost flat position. Therefore, you can rest and sleep more comfortably as well.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have found the answer to the question, “are hammocks good for back.” They not only alleviate the back pain but also help you sleep better and deeper. A hammock provides an excellent resting solution in addition to your bed. However, sleeping in a hammock offers more benefits than traditional beds especially if you suffer from back pain and sleeping problems in the likes of insomnia.

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