How do I know which router to buy?

You need to consider the following factors when buying a router.

  • AC standards are important. Try not to go below AC1200. The latest AC standard is AC5400
  • Similarly, the wireless standards are also important. Most modern laptops, smartphones, and other devices utilize 802.11ac. These devices are capable of handling faster Wi-Fi speeds. It is better to upgrade to a future-proof AC router if you have a faster internet connection at home.
  • You must buy a router that broadcasts wireless signals on two frequencies that is a dual-band router. It is even better if you can afford a triband router. This means you will have two or three wireless networks in your home or office. As a result, your router will provide reliable connection and fast Wi-Fi speed to all the devices regardless of their number.
  • It is important that the router supports Multi-user – Multiple Input, Multiple Output. MU-MIMO means the router can transmit data to multiple wireless clients simultaneously.
  • The router should be easy to use. It should have a smartphone app which you can use to control the router remotely.
  • The range is another important factor to consider. Most modern routers work seamlessly within 30 meters. However, positioning of your router also matters a lot. You should place it on a high shelf, away from other devices and obstructions.
  • Finally, how much money you can spend on a wireless router. The price ranges from as low as $15 to as high as $500. Your decision will ultimately depend on your budget and your requirements.
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